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Jewelry making tools all about jewelry making [jewelry findings]

Designing and making your own pieces of jewelry can be an entertaining and long-lasting hobby. The old saying goes: Even a clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice, so a jewelry maker requires materials and tools for jewelry making, such as jewelry findings for jewelry making, jewelry beads, and pliers, wire and etc. Today our topic is about jewelry making tools.

Once these tools are mastered a jewelry maker is ready to begin to learn the basics of design so that he or she can create beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry to wear, give away, or sell.

Crimping Pliers: These jaws are especially made for crimping crimp beads and deliver professional crimped results.

Chain Nose Pliers: These jaws taper to a sharp point and can be used to access small spaces. May be used to crimp crimp beads.

Measuring Tape: Use a measuring tape to ensure that your pieces will be the required length while you are designing them.

Round Nose Pliers: These jaws are round and are used for making round loops out of wire.

Scissors: This is a sharp scissors that is useful in jewelry making. Do not use to cut wire, however.

Bead Board: This is a portable board with grooves and hollows that allows you to plan a design and organize the jewelry beads you are using for a particular project.

Wire Cutters: There are several different styles of wire cutters designed for different uses. The most versatile wire cutter is a flush cutter.

Beat Mat: This is a mat that is placed on a work surface that helps to prevent beads from rolling away and becoming lost.

Flat Nose Pliers: These jaws are flat and do not taper. May be used to hold wire while working or to wrap loops of wire.

Beading Needle: Useful for stringing beads onto beading thread.

Jewelry Files: Used for filing down sharp edges from trimmed wire.

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Jewelry making guides for beginners [wholesalebeads]

Beading and jewelry making has become an extremely popular hobby or home business for many inspired artisans looking to make beautiful jewelry for all occasions. However, for beginners, it is important to understand beading tools and materials firstly.

Beads-Beads, of course, are the primary component of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Beads can be made of wood, acrylic, metal, glass, semi-precious stones, or pearls. Beads are made in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Acrylic beads add a mod touch. Wood beads are exotic and light weight. Shell beads add shine and color. Tibetan style jewelry provides you with ancient rhymes and exotic ambience. Glass beads come in multiple colors and finishes and shapes. Choosing just the right ones to match an outfit or as the perfect hand-made gift is magically creative.

Jewelry Findings- Findings link beads together to form the jewelry piece. Jewelry supplies for jewelry making involve beads, finding, and jewelry making tools. Findings are an essential part of all jewelry. Well chosen findings can make all the difference to an item of jewelry. Most items of wire and beaded jewelry will be finished off in some way by the use of one or more types of jewelry findings.

Head pin—Pin with a head the will keep a bead from sliding off. Which are used to hold pendant beads that hang from the chain or earring findings.

Eye pin—The essential piece for inserting beads between lengths of chain. One end is a pre-made eye. The other end is open to slide on a bead, cut to length and form a ring to connect to chain or another eye pin.

Clasp—Clasps close the necklace around the wearer’s neck. The common and secure kind is the lobster, but there are options, such as the bar and ring toggle clasp.

Earring findings—hold the bead or dangle to the wearer’s ear lobes. These come in pierced styles or clasp styles.

Jump Rings—Rings connect chain to the clasp or wherever a connection must be made.

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Creating your own business with Jewelry supplies [wholesalebeads]

If you want to start the business of jewelry supplies and jewelry findings, there are many things involved. The first is budget. To make the business of jewelry supplies, budget is the first important thing you need to prepare because it takes an important role in the process of purchase. Because there are many different beads, so the price will be different. Wholesale beads or retail beads the price will be different. Choosing high quality beads with competitive price, and then you will be able to take benefits from it.

The second thing involved is your business products. Acrylic Beads are the right option of jewelry supplies you can take. Acrylic beads are made many different shapes, sizes, colors, providing you with many chooses. Due to their safe and lightweight nature, acrylic beads are used widely in making of various crafts. The animal acrylic beads, flower acrylic beads and such other interesting shapes make them a favorite for kids crafts too. As for jewelry making acrylic beads are good choose. Acrylic beads are immensely also used for making beaded curtains to be used for door, windows etc. They are also used to decorate Christmas trees and even in chandeliers for decorating homes.

Jewelry charms and pendants are also right option of jewelry supplies you can take. Jewelry charms and pendants can be used in conjunction with beads to create interesting pieces. They can also be used alone as a pendant on a necklace, or drop on an earring. Jewelry charms can be very versatile. There are many beaded craft online stores providing such jewelry supplies. Held in place in the jewelry by a small hole through their top, jewelry charms are usually used with jump-rings. Beautiful charms and pendants can personalize you jewelry, and they are often given by mothers to their daughters as gifts or family heirlooms.

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Learn how to make crystal rings by crystal beads and findings

Do you know how to make popular crystal rings by yourself? If not, just follow the editor to learn how to make crystal rings step by step. If you want to make crystal rings by yourself, the first thing is to prepare the jewelry findings jewelry findings for what you need for your rings. Ring, 12 pcs 5mm blue crystal beads, 16 pcs 3mm large red crystal beads, 16 pcs transprent 3mm crystal beads, 32 pcs round golden acrylic beads and 100cm wire should be prepared before making.
The first step is the basic steps for the whole making project, you should use the 100cm wire as the basic element, then add one 5mm blue crystal beads at the middle of the wire. Then add two 4mm red crystal beads to the two sides of the wire.The second step: Add one transparent crystal beads to the middle of the two sides of the wire, and then separately add one 3mm transparent crystal beads, 4mm red crystal beads and 5mm blue crystal beads to the two sides of the wire. Repite the two steps before is the third step. You should separately string the red crystal beads use the two sides of the wire, and then string the transparent crystal beads. Tie the wire by pull the two sides of the wire, And string one transparent crystal beads with the two sides of the wire, back string the two red beads as before.
Make the two sides of the wird tight, then cross string one blue crystal beads. And make this bead as the begining, add two red crystal beads separately onto the two side of the wire, cross string one transparent crystal beads. String one transparent crysatl beads, red crystal beads, blue crystal beads China wholesale beads onto the left side wire, after that, back string the red and transparent crystal beads which are just added to the wire. Then string one transparent crystal beads onto the right side. Add one transparent crystal beads onto the left and right side wire by cross stringing, and back string the red crystal beads with the left side wire, and then add one blue and red crystal beads at the left side wire. Cross string the last red crystal beads by the left and right side wire, and then back string the string the transparent and red crystal beads added last steps by the right side wire. You can see the detailed pictures. After tight all the wire, add one blue crystal beads onto the left and the right side of the wire separately. And till now, you have finished two flowers.
After repiting all the steps above and tie all the wire, the four flowers have been finished. This is the main flower shape of the ring. Then use the jewelry making tools to set this flower onto the ring. Now we finished the making of the crystal rings, Fun, easy and simple, ha? Crystal beads are very popular among young people, it is so fashion and noble. Do you know where to buy these cheap and top quality crystal beads then? Online shopping have been very popular in recent years for its convenience and Efficiency. Here are some suggestions to buy jewelry beads. Do you want to save your time to buy jewelry beads? is a famous and best rated online store.

Choosing the right jewelry beads online for your design

As wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry made by yourself is a perfect, more and more people buy jewelry supplies online to make jewelry by herself. Choosing the right beads requires a lot of forethought. What kind of jewelry do you want to make? Do you want to make jewelry that is ultra modern? ...

If you are going for a more ethnic look then you will probably want to choose more earth tones and natural colors like blacks, browns, and tans. You can also mix in painted wood beads in basic colors like red, yellow and green to bring more attention to the piece. If you are buying your beads and jewelry findings for jewelry making online, as jewelry beads are concerned, make sure that they have a liberal return policy in the case of damaged beads. You don't want to have to pay for beads that are broken and unusable.

Beads can be used to make almost any type of jewelry you can imagine, so there are so many jewelry beads stone online and lots of online shops offer wholesale beads. Most beads are sold in bulk lots so if you are doing this as a hobby you may want to get a friend to go in on them with you. You will probably be buying these through the internet or via mail, you probably won't have the opportunity to pre-inspect the beads, so again be sure to ask about the exchange policy. Will you be able to exchange the beads that are less than perfect no matter what the reason? Depending on how the beads are packaged and sold, and the policy of the business selling the jewelry wholesale beads, this may not be possible. If they refuse to offer an exchange policy that is acceptable to you look for another vendor.

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Beadwork and beautiful handmade beaded jewelry

The technique of beadwork is fairly basic and straightforward. It requires neither extensive train nor is it difficult to accomplish. It does require just patience as beadwork can be very monotonous. There are so many people wholesale beads online for make their own jewelry such as: necklace, bracelets, and even crystal earrings and finger rings. But very few know technique of the beadwork in history. There are a few techniques in use in the creation of beadwork. Many more other techniques are being applied to beadwork that is not common historically. For First Nations people, the basic methods of stitchery have supplied at least 500 years of various ways to reinterpret themselves through beadwork. Now, when people think of First Nations, the association with beadwork goes hand in hand.

Today, beading materials are produced globally by countries that specialize in the techniques of the handmade beaded jewelry industry, and there are so many beads stones online which provide jewelry supplies and jewelry findings. The Internet allows people to access and import these items with greater ease than ever before. Beading jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Handmade beaded jewelry still retains a special significance to the crafts-person who made it. People who admire handmade beaded jewelry also give it a different kind of value- appreciation. Beautiful handmade beaded jewelry can be purchased anywhere around the world, but there is still nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating a piece of jewelry with beads and jewelry findings yourself.

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Handmade porcelain beads are unique for jewelry beads

Jewelry Beads are used for a variety of purposes. The most common use of jewelry beads is in jewelry making. Porcelain Beads are also used for jewelry makings. Porcelain Beads are our new jewelry products in wholesale beads. Porcelain is also known as kaolin or china clay. Porcelain is dense and has white color that becomes translucent when fired. The finished porcelain beads have excellent smooth surfaces. To make porcelain beads, china clay is fired at high temperatures, generally at 2300 F (1200 C) or even higher temperatures.

Porcelain Beads are becoming very popular for making Porcelain Bead jewelry and also as craft beads. Porcelain Beads (Clay beads) were perhaps among first few types of beads that were made by mankind.

Painted porcelain jewelry, a craze in the later part of the 1800s, retains all its attractive features today although no longer considered rare or too expensive. However, it seems to be only a matter of time before collectors make a rush for them again. At the end of the nineteenth century, pieces of this jewelry beads were typically shaped as small horseshoes or half moon pins worn by women during the late Victorian and Edwardian period. The most attractive items among painted porcelain jewelry were undoubtedly scenic brooches, which can easily be called miniature pieces of art.

Article Source: Porcelain Beads, one of first types of mankind jewelry beads

Acrylic beads is the big news this season [wholesalebeads]

Acrylic beads look beautiful, light and affordable. Acrylic beads are very popular these days and widely available in many craft stores. With many colors and shapes available, you have a wide range to choose from, such as the transparent ones, colorful ones, antique ones, etc.
Jewelry beads, jewelry making, Jewelry Findings are becoming increasingly popular today, and more and more people choose to use this acrylic beads to make art or jewelry, and acrylic beads are easy to use and look great. Every day new jewelry beads come out in different hues and all kinds of shapes and sizes, depending on what you like to work with and what matches your personal taste. These acrylic beads let you become your own designer that you can put together the pieces you most desire. By the way, putting together a beautiful Jewelry Beads is a wonderful feeling.
Acrylic beads are relatively cheap compared to other types of beads. They are reasonably priced yet have all the style and elegance of a more expensive type of bead. Most Acrylic Beads are transparent and seem to glow in a variety of shades and colors. They are molded into shape, including balls, cubes and many others. Acrylic beads are also available in other, more complicated designs, such as butterflies, heart shapes, celestial symbols or even skulls.
Enjoying these acrylic beads In this season
1)High quality transparent acrylic beads
2)Many styles available
3)Used mostly for jewelry fittings or clothing detailing

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What is Pewter and how to care pewter jewelry beads [wholesalebeads]

Pewter, that has versatility and beauty, is a shiny metal that looks similar to silver and likewise will oxidize if left untreated for a period of time. Unlike silver, pewter is softer making it slightly more delicate. Pewter is widely used in jewelry making. It can be used to make stunning, fashion and regular jewelry. It is also used to make other items like cups, tableware, plates, decorative items and many more. It is inexpensive and very durable.These pewter jewelry beads are shaped like different objects like swords, shields, stars, dragons, skulls, etc.The malleable nature of pewter has been harnessed for thousands of years, at least since Roman times, and the metal was at one point highly prized.
Colors of pewter beads
Pewter beads can be polished to a high, silver sheen or chemically darkened for a blacker metal look. This darker appearance of pewter beads seems to be more popular, as for a silver look people would more likely choose sterling silver.
The darker pewter beads are therefore quite distinctive and are used for this reason in jewelry making. Pewter beads will tarnish to a dull grey, but like silver are easily cleaned. Pewter metal beads look best with deep, bold and striking colors to match their darker chemical hue. Try midnight blue, deep purple or red for some stunning results.
It is easy to care jewelry made of pewter. Like every other jewelry, eventually it requires cleaning. If you clean your pewter jewelry constantly then it will look fabulous all the time. Now let us say something about the care for pewter jewelry with gentle cleaning techniques to maintain its quality and beauty.
1 Keep pewter jewelry away from extreme sources of heat because pewter will melt easily.
2 Remove your pewter jewelry and do not wear it while you engage in activities that may damage the pewter. Examples of these harmful activities include sporting activities, housework, gardening and construction.
3 Store pewter jewelry carefully by wrapping it in tissue paper or a soft cloth and placing it in a jewelry box where it will not be bumped or scratched.

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